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Original, functional and practical.

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Original, functional and practical.

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An original, functional and practical product that will save you time in the kitchen and that has everything within reach.

Ideal for those who do not have much space and for those who do not want to fill the kitchen junk. In fact, all accessories are stacked on top of each other, saving a large space. It can be placed on any shelf, cabinet or drawer.


- 1
Embudo - 1
Squeezer - 1
grater - 1 crushed eggs, cheese, etc. < br /> - 1 opens bottles
- 1 grater for spices
- 1 separates white / egg yolk
- 1 measure 350 ml

- Weight: 202 g
- Shipment Weight: 280 g
- Height: 28 cm
- width: 8.3 cm
- Material: plastic
- Finish: Transparent


Media Wave Store France

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