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Marketing and advertising policy


- Unsupported Advertising

- Advertisers

- Criteria that advertisers have to comply with for advertising spots SUS Publishing Power on the website

- Adjudication of Advertising Spaces

- Technical Conditions That You Have To Publicize

- Returns of the, collected by the import in Concept of Advertising in the case of Retreat or no publication of the advertising land

- Returns of the, collected by the import in Concept of Advertising in the case of Technical Problems of the Web Site


Marketing and advertising policy

The following describes the Marketing and Advertising Policy applicable to the use of the website that Do Thi Chon makes available to Internet users. The Marketing and Advertising Policy applies exclusively to the information offered on the website, and not to that offered by other companies or organizations or websites with which the portal contains links. Do Thi Chon is not responsible for the actions of the websites that can be accessed through the portal. Do Thi Chon admits advertising material on its website, as long as the advertising spots comply with this Marketing and Advertising Policy. Do Thi Chon reserves the right to reject any advertising material that it deems inappropriate or incompatible with the Marketing and Advertising Policy applicable on the page. The presence of an advertisement on the website does not imply endorsement by Do Thi Chon of any product or company. Advertisers should not make claims regarding their promoted products or services that are not true or suggest that the website has endorsed the product or service that is advertised with the corresponding spot. Advertising material is not intended to attract the attention of individuals using the site, but will be placed on the site so that it is close to content related to the subject of interest of the advertiser. All advertising material on the site is clearly marked as an advertisement. Do Thi Chon may change the Marketing and Advertising Policy at any time and at its discretion, announcing the revision and modification of the same on the page well in advance. The advertising displayed on the website is a source of funding and income for the same.


Unsupported Advertising

Do Thi Chon reserves the right to discard advertising spots containing:

• racist, sexist advertising with pornographic or offensive content, xenophobic or discriminatory.

• Misleading, unfair or aggressive advertising.

• advertising with violent content or displaying images of violence.

• Subliminal publicity.

• cynical advertising.

• advertising of articles that may cause death or damage the physical or psychological integrity of the consumer.

• advertising of products harmful to man or the environment.

• publicity that can lead to ethically harmful behavior or immoral or illegal behavior.

• illicit publicity or that which violates the dignity of the person or violates the values ​​and rights recognized in the Constitution and / or the Declaration of Human Rights.

• advertising aimed at minors that incites them to purchase a good or service, exploiting their inexperience or credulity

In particular, advertising spots promoting the following topics are strictly prohibited: Tobacco, Weapons, firearms, ammunition or fireworks, bets and lotteries, political spots, spots related to religion and spots claiming miracle cures or methods "
Do Thi Chon reserves the right to withdraw any advertising spot if required by the Competent Authority in matters related to the General Advertising Law.




All national and international companies that are interested in advertising your products or services on the page may be advertisers.

Do Thi Chon does not assume any responsibility for the incorrect use of the products and services advertised by third parties. Criteria that advertisers have to meet in order to publish their advertising spots on the website

In order for Do Thi Chon allows a company to publish its advertising spots on the website, it must meet the following criteria:

• You should not make claims regarding the products or services that are advertised, whose veracity can not be clearly verified. In specific cases, Do Thi Chon may require advertisers to provide information that documents the veracity of such claims.

• It must not imply in any way the Do Thi Chon, or

• The notice, the icons that appear on it and the company logos must be arranged in such a way that it is clear that they are not part of the content of the website, but advertisers who have acquired advertising space in it.

• Advertisers and advertising agencies, contracting spaces on the website, can not obtain personal data from users (including email addresses) without the explicit permission of users.

• All rules for any investigation, survey or market promotion must be described or there must be a link with which access is obtained.

Advertisers and advertising agencies that purchase advertising space on the portal can not obtain from visitors to the site any information in order to identify visitors, nor to use cookies, applets or other programs Similar files in advertising spots (if those files transmit to advertisers or agencies any kind of information that can identify visitors) and that are installed automatically in the equipment of the visitors of the site, if the visitors Or users do not access the websites of advertisers on their own, by clicking on the headlines of the advertising spots.


Adjudication of advertising space

Advertising banners can be contracted FOR THE DEADLINE previously agreed with SDo Thi ChonL by any person physical entity Or that complies with the Criteria explained in the previous point of the Present Marketing and Advertising Policy.


Advertising space conditions

Advertising spots will be designed by the client and will be delivered in the following formats: jpg, gif (animated or static), png and flash. The banners must not exceed the measures, nor the space contracted.Returns of amounts charged by for advertising in the event of withdrawal or non-publication of the advertising sportYes Do Thi Chon considers that an advertising spot infringes the Marketing and Advertising Policy of the website, will not publish and will notify the advertiser. Do Thi Chon will return 85% of the amount paid by the advertiser for the advertising space.If the withdrawal of the advertisement is motivated at the request of the Competent Authority, no amount will be refunded.



Dooship is the sole owner of the logos and trademarks "cart logo" and "Dooship" as well as any other mark that includes the phrase "Dooship" or its domain name "".

The other distinctive signs that make up the products put up for sale in Dooship and that are present in the Website, are registered trademarks by the respective holders and are used by Dooship in mutual agreement with those and having the necessary authorizations for it. Any use of the same by the User not expressly authorized by the corresponding owner of the intellectual or industrial property rights on them constitutes an infringement of the aforementioned rights. Both Dooship and any third party holder of intellectual or industrial property rights over such trademarks or distinctive signs reserve the right to take legal action arising from an unauthorized use of the same as they deem appropriate, as well as to claim compensation for damages And prejudices that were relevant.

Therefore, this Website and the contents it hosts can not be exploited, reproduced, distributed, modified, publicly transmitted, transferred or processed, without the prior authorization of the owner. Dooship reserves the right to exercise judicial proceedings against Users who violate or infringe their intellectual and industrial property rights.


Returns of the, collected by the import in Concept of Advertising in the case of Technical Problems of the Web Site reserves the space between 0 h and 24 hours to make the necessary modifications and maintenance of the website. If during the time period between 0 h and 24 h for technical reasons imputable to, advertising is not displayed:

• No refunds will be made for less than 24 hours

• For more than 24 hours, the advertiser will be refunded the amount proportional to the number of hours during which advertising could not be displayed.


Ad rules

In order to optimize the services provided; To avoid, as far as possible, fraud through inaccurate descriptions or falsified information and to obtain a safe and satisfactory treatment for all parties involved in the transactions carried out through the website (sellers, buyers and the website itself ), Do Thi Chon has created a series of norms and dispositions on the announcements of articles that are published in the web page. There are a number of limitations on item descriptions and abusive and unfair practices that may lead to an advantage for the seller or a negative experience for the buyer.In order not to violate ad-serving rules in an unintentional manner, we recommend that all users read these guidelines before posting an ad.

If the user does not comply with the rules and the advertisement policy, Do Thi Chon can perform the following actions:

• Cancellation of the advertisement.

• Temporary or definitive suspension of the account of the infringing user. Catalog or account cancellations that are not strictly closed and commented with the administrator of the account of the seller with at least 30 days in advance and that result in two or more orders paid to the seller and with deliveries over 7 business days will be Penalized with an amount of 500 euros plus all expenses associated with the complaint, in the event that the seller does not respond to the friendly request of the amount within a period of 15 working days.

When a user breaches's ad serving policy, an email will be sent notifying you of the breach committed and the announcement will be canceled.

We also recommend users to read the Policy on Prohibited Items, which is part of the General Conditions of the website, before publishing any advertisement.


Rules on the contents of the advertisements

The description of the articles included in the ads must correspond to the reality, it is strictly forbidden to include false or fraudulent descriptions in the advertisements. Sellers should not:

• Advertise articles in inappropriate categories.

• Indicate a location other than the item from the location from which the shipment will be made.

• Include inappropriate or unrelated keywords that are not related to the item you want to sell in the ad title or the description of the item being offered - brand or model names that do not correspond with the advertised article, colloquial expressions, list other Objects (related or not with the product offered) that are sold on the page, in order for the ad to go on more searches, etc.

• Compare products, mention similar items or include phrases that promote other ads from the same seller.

• Hide unrelated keywords in an ad using white text on a white background, very small fonts or HTML or JavaScript code.

• Use inaccurate titles that do not accurately describe the article.

Through published announcements, sellers should not attempt to avoid or evade payment of commissions to Do Thi Chon. Sellers should not:

• Include surcharges other than the price offered depending on the payment method chosen by the buyer.

• Reassure buyers of postage and shipping costs too high.

• Offer in the advertisement published in the possibility of acquiring the article or product offered outside the website.

• Use the page to promote external sales to it or articles prohibited by the Portal's Prohibited Items Policy.

In order to obtain a reliable and satisfactory treatment for all the parties involved in the transactions made through the website (sellers, buyers and the own website), sellers should not:

• Require buyers to payment methods that are not expressly permitted as Forms of Payment Accepted on the website.

• Include links to external pages in your ads. • Use certain types of HTML and JavaScript in article ads. • Promote gifts, lottery, prizes or bonuses outside the website.

• Publish ads that do not offer a particular product. • Publish ads for a desire to buy or transact items. • Include third party endorsements to page users.

• Include credits to third parties to users of the page.

• Use blasphemous language in an ad except in the case of audiovisual product titles.

• Publish the masked seller's contact information in the text of the article - in the title, subtitle, location of the product or in the attached photos.

• Incorporate information on how to obtain articles of this category free of charge from

Pre-sales announcements are strictly prohibited. Only items or services that are owned or available to supply can be put up for sale.


Prohibited articles policy

In the web portal can be sold all types of articles except those detailed below. In the event that ads are detected in items listed here, the advertisement will be removed without prior notice and the seller will be notified of the action taken. Any purchases made prior to the withdrawal of the announcement will not be considered valid.

If the user does not comply with the current rules of prohibited articles, Do Thi Chon can carry out the following actions: cancellation of the announcement or temporary or definitive suspension of the account of the user-infringer.

If a user detects advertisements of prohibited articles you can contact the administration of the website by email or through the Chat 24H available in the Contact section of the website. You can also directly report the ad in which the infringement was committed by clicking the denounce ad button that is placed next to all ads posted on the page.Prohibited and restricted items: Stocks, bonds, securities and related certificates, animals and wildlife, used medical devices and sanitary services of any kind, firearms, ammunition, replicas and military memorabilia, weapons, articles or services with waivers Liability for authenticity, digitally delivered items, articles promoting illegal activities, articles or software that violate copyright protection policy, explosive devices, film and music promotional items, police-related items, locking devices, Personal data, embargoed goods, cigarettes, cigars and tobacco-related products, comparisons, contracts and bills, unauthorized copies, copyrights and trademarks, identity documents or any official or non-official supporting documentation, drugs And drug-related items, entertainment tickets, electronic equipment not approved or sold in the territory of the user-seller, drugs and prescription devices, 35 mm and 70 mm film formats, fireworks, recordings And software pirates, image, names and signatures, imitations and unauthorized copies, offensive material, currency, stamps and fake stamp effects, organs and members of the human body, historical heritage of any kind, stolen property, underwear used, OEM software yes It is not accompanied by original hardware, academic software, beta software, compilation and informational media, misleading titles, improper use of brand names and advance sale.

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